Among the several projects carried out by TELEVISA in Mozambique, which include the installation of more than 120,000 km of optical fiber and 5,000km of coaxial cable, it is important to mention the following:


• Operation and maintenance of the telecommunication fixed public network all across the country

• CATV network in Maputo • CATV network in Matola • FTTH cell in Jardim - Maputo

• Pemba’s telephone network • Lichinga’s telephone network

• Radio Link Namaacha - Monte Ponduine • Radio Link Tete - Matundo

• Radio Link Nacala Alta - Nacala Baixa • Radio Link Nampula - Moma Sands

• Structured networks for TDM digital agencies, all across the country

• SDH optical ring for the banks in Maputo

• TDM optical ring, in Maputo

• Construction of over 150 sites for mCel, all across the country

• Construction of 33 sites for VM Mozambique, in the northern region of the country, including the installation of microwave access links

- Maputo - Ressano Garcia

- Quelimane - Nampula - Cuamba - Nampevo

- Cuamba - Lichinga

- Nampula - Pemba

- Beira - Chimoio - Tete - Moatize - Caia

- Inchope - Maputo

- Mutara - Milange - Molumbo - Gurue

• Maputo optical ring construction for VM Mozambique

• High capacity microwave backbone in Maputo - Beira

• Project, installation and released to service of transport and access solutions based on PDH, SDH (EoSDH/ GFP) technologies and Carrier Ethernet for TDM’s urban networks in Maputo Tete and Xai-Xai

• Backbone optical fiber Maputo-Beira Vodacom

• Optical fibre 1500Km backbone Maputo-Beira for the customer Vodacom

• Construction of optical fibre rings Nacala, Nampula, Pemba and Moatize for the customer Vodacom

• Construction of 11 sites under the Acesso Universal project for the customer MCEL




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