Who we are

Developing its business activity since 1990, TELEVISA is a leading company in Mozambique within the telecommunications engineering network sector.


The company’s expertise regards mainly project planning, installation and maintenance of telecommunications systems and networks, and it takes advantage of the technology and experience of two partnerships: Grupo Visabeira - leading company providing telecommunication networks services and energy supply services in Portugal - and the local telecommunication operator TDM - Telecomunicações de Mozambique.


Using specialised technical and human resources, TELEVISA develops the following activities: planning, project development, construction, installation and maintenance. Furthermore, the company integrates global solutions with a vast knowledge regarding fixed - including the new generation network - and mobile networks, as well as all types of technological infrastructures.


This ability to create solutions is based on the effort and commitment in training the Mozambican technicians, as well as a flexible organization, that is able to efficiently meet the customers needs.


Besides the traditional copper networks, the company supplies new technologies, such as optical fiber, cable television networks and mobile networks. For all those technologies, TELEVISA assures the project, installation and maintenance, following up all stages of the implementation.


Regarding the cable television networks, TELEVISA is the main provider of these services since it first started its activity. In a partnership with TDM - Telecomunicações de Mozambique, the company has developed and implemented the TVCABO network, which at the moment is working in Maputo, Matola, Beira, Nampula, Tete and Pemba.


TELEVISA has its head office in Maputo and agencies in Xai-Xai, Inhambane, Quelimane, Beira, Chimoio, Tete, Lichinga, Nampula, Nacala, Pemba and Cuamba, which allows it to work all across the country.


At present TELEVISA has about 400 employees (70% of which are technicians), and 200 vehicles.


For TELEVISA quality has been its goal, and it represents the strategy to move forward. In June 2001, the company was recognized with the quality management system ISO 9002, and in 2003 with the quality management system ISO 9001.


TELEVISA develops its activity in Mozambique, with it's head office in maputo and several branches in Xai-Xai, Inhambane, Quelimane, Beira, Chimolo, Tete, Lichinga, Nampula, Nacala, Pemba and Cuamba.

All the necessary material comes from the central warehouse in Maputo 



Av. dos Presidentes 1750